Tustin Public Library

The Tustin Public Library should be commended for the quality FREE children’s programs they offer each week!  Unlike the Irvine Public Library, the toddler storytime sessions are engaging and offer several stories and songs to keep the kids paying attention and entertained. There are always teenage volunteers in the toddler room at various hours to help them with arts and crafts projects, which is great so not only does your house not get messy but it’s good for the kids to socialize as well.  It’s usually pretty quiet and mellow during this time  so it’s not too overwhelming for the children. There is a large selection of children’s books and they are in much better shape than the ones at the Irvine Public Library.

We have been to the children’s outdoor finger painting session, the weekly toddler storytime, and the gingerbread house decorating time.  Our two year old gets really excited about the singalongs and the activities.

The only drawback would be that we’ve gotten sick with a dreadful cold after going to the storytime!  We were so miserable that week!  There was a girl that week who had had a horrible runny nose coloring next to us.  I know some kids’ gyms ask that if you’re sick, not to come and spread germs everywhere, and it would be a good policy for the Library as well seeing how many children there are each week!